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What is hire car cover and why you might need it.

Guaranteed Hire Car Cover - Everything you need to Know


July 2023


Stay on the Go with Our Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Cover

At Clarke Dove, we recognize that getting back on the road after an incident involving your vehicle is crucial. However, this can be a challenging task, particularly if the vehicle has been involved in an accident, fire, or theft.

In case of an accident or if your vehicle has been stolen or deemed a total loss, your insurance policy may not provide you with a replacement vehicle. This can come as a shock at an already stressful time, significantly impacting your daily life and work.

Our claims team are reporting that there has been an increase in the cost of repairing vehicles and the time to fix vehicles is taking longer, impacted by supply chain issues and the cost of materials. There is no sign that this situation is easing off and it has put additional pressure on access to hire vehicles as most repairers have limited numbers of courtesy vehicles, which are not necessarily the right specification or size for your needs.

That's why we offer Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance, which ensures that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible if you have a fault accident. This optional cover provides you with a like-for-like hire vehicle, meaning that it will be similar in size and type to your insured van. If a similar vehicle is not available, a larger vehicle will be provided, ensuring that you can get back on the road and focus on your daily life.

It is worth mentioning that the replacement vehicle products we talk about in this post respond to fault claims only. The reason why this product does not respond to non-fault claims is that the third party's insurance should be providing the hire vehicle (or covering the costs of one) if needed.

Why won’t my insurer provide a courtesy car?

There could be several reasons why your insurer may not provide a courtesy car when you have a fault accident. One possibility is that your insurance policy does not include a provision for a courtesy car, or it may only apply under certain circumstances, or the courtesy car is only provided if one is available.

Your insurer may also have certain restrictions or requirements for providing a courtesy car, such as the type of car or the length of time it can be used. If your insurer is unable to provide a courtesy car, you may need to arrange for alternative transport such as a rental car or van.

It's important to check your insurance policy and speak to your insurer to understand their policies and procedures regarding courtesy cars.

Will my insurer provide a like-for-like vehicle while mine is repaired?

The provision of a like-for-like vehicle by your insurer may depend on your specific insurance policy and the type of claim being made. Typically, insurers rely on their network of approved repairers to provide courtesy cars. However, in cases where the garage does not have a spare vehicle or only has smaller vehicles available, you may be left with either no vehicle or one that is unsuitable for your needs.

If the claim was not my fault, will I get a courtesy car?

If the incident leading to your claim was not your fault, you may be eligible for a courtesy or hire car from the third-party insurer. However, the specific eligibility criteria for a courtesy car can vary depending on your insurance policy and circumstances of your claim. It's best to get in touch with us so we can discuss your specific cover and entitlements. 

How can I be sure of getting a guaranteed courtesy car? 

Getting a guaranteed courtesy car can depend on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, as well as the specific circumstances of your claim. Some insurance policies may offer a guaranteed courtesy car, while others may not.

It's also important to note that the availability of courtesy cars can be affected by factors such as demand, availability, and the type of vehicle you require. 

To ensure you have the best chance of getting a courtesy vehicle, it's a good idea to buy Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance. 

Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance is an optional insurance policy add-on that provides you with a replacement vehicle if your own vehicle is stolen or involved in a fault accident that requires repairs.

What is Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance?

Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance is just that, the assurance that if the worst happens and you need to make a claim on your motor insurance, you can get a replacement vehicle.

With this type of insurance, you are guaranteed a hire vehicle for a set period (usually 14 or 28 days). The specific terms and conditions of the policy can vary depending on the insurance provider, but generally, the hire vehicle provided will be similar in size and type to your own vehicle.

The aim of Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance is to provide you with a convenient and hassle-free way to continue with your day-to-day activities, even if your vehicle is temporarily unavailable. It can be particularly useful if you rely on your vehicle for work or if you have important commitments that cannot be rescheduled.

It's worth noting that Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance is not the same as courtesy car provision, which may be included in some comprehensive car insurance policies. With courtesy car provision, the availability and terms of the hire vehicle can vary depending on the insurance policy and the specific circumstances of your claim.

How does Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance work?

In most circumstances, you would report the insurance claim as normal to us in the first instance, to allow the team to give you the advice that best suits the circumstances of your claim. If it is a fault claim and you have a Guaranteed Hire Car policy, we will then notify the provider of your Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance who will contact you to discuss making suitable arrangements for a replacement vehicle. The guaranteed hire vehicle claim would then run alongside your motor claim. 

How much does Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance cost? 

There are usually several choices to make when choosing the right Guaranteed Hire Vehicle insurance for you that includes the type of vehicle you would like to insure and the length of time, you’d like the vehicle. This will give you a premium payable. For example, if you were choosing a class A vehicle for 28 days it would cost £29.34, and a large van for 28 days would cost £34.23 (annual premium, including insurance premium tax). These are for illustration purposes and there are exclusions, terms, and conditions to consider before you buy. 

What Next?

If you rely on your vehicle to get around, then Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance is an essential add-on to your car insurance policy. With this type of insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you'll be provided with a replacement vehicle if your car is stolen or involved in a fault accident. 

Don't let a temporary loss of your vehicle disrupt your daily routine or commitments. Protect yourself with Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance today. Contact Clarke Dove today at 0115 962 0855.