Commercial Insurance

Cyber Insurance

An insurance policy designed to financially protect all kinds of businesses should it fall victim to a cyber-attack or online data breach.

Cyber and online systems are heavily relied upon today, meaning all businesses need to consider Cyber Insurance, regardless of size, but particularly if you use online payment systems, hold identification data online, and have a website. We feel it is better to be prepared for such a threat, rather than focusing on rebuilding and repairing the damage afterwards.

Cyber Insurance offers protection for your business against:

  • Loss and damage to digital assets
  • Security breaches
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Business Interruption caused by a cyber threat
  • Theft and Money
  • Extortion
  • And much more.

As part of your package, we can include business support should you experience a cyber-attack and can include, if required, incident response, IT forensics, public relations advice, and defence costs.

We are aware that this cover should not only precisely meet your requirements but should also develop and move forward with advances in technology and your business to ensure complete protection.