Brewery Insurance

Brewery Insurance

We can offer, in conjunction with Willis, exclusive access to Willis Brew, an insurance and risk management product aimed specifically at brewers, integrated brewers and pub operators.

We have combined the knowledge and experience of our professional team, brewers that we have worked closely with, and our insurance partners to create insurance coverage which is specifically designed to meet the needs of brewery owners.  

We are able to bring to the market a unique policy that incorporates some innovative and specific industry extensions not available through ‘off the shelf’ insurance products. 

In addition to offering the usual range of covers that you would expect such as Property, Business Interruption, Liability and Motor, our policy also responds specifically to risks facing the brewing industry and will be tailored to suit your requirements.

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I have had the first batch back and we have deferred the second until later in January. It is probably best to stand down the insurer I think. If the bottling company were to pull out of the arrangement at this point, I imagine that it wouldn't be worth a claim for the remaining amount. Thank you for your guidance. Your help was influential in how we successfully made the case to the bottling company.

Client Testimonial - Steve - Alfreds Brewery