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Tut, tut. What would Colonel Sanders say?

Don’t Wing It!

March 2018

A chicken shop running out of chicken and one of the best-known brands in the world now facing reputational damage and ridicule.

Picking through the bones of the sad story of KFC, which has left customers hungry, angry and even ringing police stations for help, after swapping distributor Bidvest for DHL, one thing is clear: Supply chain insurance is a must for any business reliant on others supplying products, components or anything else essential for the smooth running of their business operations. However, according to international law firm Clyde & Co, half of at-risk businesses have no such cover.

Business interruption protection often fails to address the needs of businesses within a supply chain, which really require specialist and tailored supply chain cover from a broker. Stay unprotected and reputational damage and lost sales could mean you’ve had your chips!

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