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Clarke Dove new out-of-hours motor claims line. Helping our clients even when our office is closed.

Out-of-hours motor claims line - 01522 581444


March 2024



Clarke Dove now has an out-of-hours motor claims line  

We are always looking for new ways to support our clients when they need it most and adding an out-of-hours motor claims service offers this, in addition to our expert in-house claims team. 
From now on if you need to report a motor claim outside our usual office hours you can call 01522 581444
Delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do, and this change recognises the changing needs of our customers. 

What are the benefits of the out-of-hours motor claims line?  

There are several benefits to having an out-of-hours motor claims service including;  
  • Prompt reporting of claims helps process your claim more quickly and gets you to the right place or repairer faster.  
  • We know that accidents can happen at any time, so ensuring your safety is paramount, and being able to report your claim can make sure you get the right assistance.  
  • Knowing you can report a claim and get the assistance you need can help reduce the stress if you’ve been involved in an accident.  
  • We know that not everyone is working 9-5 and being able to report a claim when it happens meets the needs of our modern and diverse client base. 

What happens when I call the phone line?  

We’ve joined forces with Optima Claims to provide you with an out-of-hours claims service. When you call 01522 581444 out of hours the phone will be answered "Clarke Dove”, and you’ll be asked a series of questions so the call handler can log the claim and get you to the right place. The details of the claim are then passed to our dedicated in house claims team and your insurer to ensure a seamless experience.  
The claims team at Clarke Dove, Katie and Kevin, aren’t going anywhere; they will still be here to help you if you need any assistance during office hours.  


In summary, we have introduced this out-of-hours claims line, provided by Optima Claims, to meet the immediate needs of our clients, so you continue to get the great service we are known for. We have invested in this service as we believe it is a valuable benefit to our clients and we feel it demonstrates our long-term commitment to customer satisfaction.  


Important Numbers 

Out-of-office motor claims - 01522 581444 
Clarke Dove claims team – 0115 9628342
For more information about Optima Claims click here Optima Claims


Together with Kevin and Katie, our own in house claims department, and the recently launched motor claims reporting portal, click here for details Claims portal article, the out of hours line completes a 3 - pronged approach that allows our clients to report their claims however and wherever they need. Helping our clients when they need us most.


Claims Portal QR Code

Click here to go straight to the motor claim's portal – Clarke Dove Motor Claim’s Portal
If you would like further information and handy QR stickers for all your vehicles then please feel free to contact our claims team on 0115 9620855 option 3.